Take-aways from the AWS Summit – Cloud based technology as the new normal

I was lucky enough to attend the excellent AWS (Amazon Web Services) Summit in Brisbane on Tuesday. If you don’t know, in a nutshell, Amazon now provides Cloud Computing infrastructure for business large and small.

Here is a little more of what I discovered during the Summit:

1. The cost of cloud based  IT infrastructure is coming down exponentially. AWS regularly drops it’s prices and used an example of one of their customer’s monthly bill falling from going 20k to 7k.  No negotiation, no deal to be had, just cost reduction

2. Happily, there are a number of consulting organisations that will help your business transform into the cloud. I personally liked the guys from Tech Connect, Cloud Trek and the ITOC. Most of the professionals have AWS accreditation so you know that there is some level of competency.

3. A big emphasis for the day was how organisations were using hybrid models to improve business outcomes. So some organisation have their websites on AWS servers with the “responsive space” for high volume of traffic and then normal legacy servers as well. It was never an all or nothing approach.

4. With security issues always being a major concern, it was obvious that Amazon has done the hard work in this area and you can view their information here.  At a basic level clients own their access and data is stored in Amazon’s Sydney data center.

5. Finally, it’s apparent that the world of cloud is becoming a common business tool for organisations as it enables companies to concentrate on their core competencies. Some examples were TechnologyOne  Guvera a Gold Coast startup and  of course the Commonwealth Bank. As an aside, at a separate function, I happened to come across the tech guy that was on the implementation team at Technology One. He was all praises for AWS and the technology.

I have discussed Cloud Services with a number mid-market directors in the last week and have been surprised by the fear and concern shown. Maybe they have been given bad advice. If you consider the benefits related to agility, platform breath and costs savings, we think its something all business should consider.

From an offshoring/outsourcing perspective, we think it enables business’s to share data and processes with ease.

As a disclaimer, I am in no way connected to Amazon Web Services or any of the consultants, just think its a damn good idea.






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