Ang Dakilang Sharesource Manager

GabEach person has their own duties to fulfill, goals to achieve and a family to share it with. The absolute reason for us to keep moving forward is knowing we have people who cares about us while thinking also about the people we take care of. I am sure that Gab is not an exception. He is a person who has the ideals of having a harmonious environment and a better family.


It has been almost two years since Gabriel Christopher Santisteban Molina first heard about Sharesource from Emmy Grace Tolentino, his college classmate who happens to be Ms. Angel Ong‘s sister. It was the 31st of July, 2013, when he was introduced and offered a job as a contractor for oDesk. Gab considers that working has a lot of things to offer not just in terms of his personal development but also for the good of the company.


He highlights that being successful in applying what he has been studying is his goal without withstanding the criteria of becoming professional along the way. “I already achieved one of my goals in (Sharesource) the company, to provide desktop support to my colleagues. This is my first goal since I want to develop and to practice my skills and knowledge which will also benefit the company.” says Gab on a short but meaningful interview.


He boasts his memorable experiences with Sharesource. The first few weeks when he started was a little lonely for him since there were no other employees with him. That’s why having team activities such as white water rafting is by far the most memorable one since it signifies that the company is growing.
When asked about what are the changes when he entered Sharesource, he said “I don’t have any idea on how the business works. I never expected to engage in a business management. All I’m thinking is to work and learn in my related field. Sharesource changed my point of view to become a successful professional.”


Hard work pays harder. Gab, at a very young age, has achieved of becoming Sharesource Davao’s Office Manager. He modestly says he does not look like one but you can see it obvious that he acts like one. “I really appreciate their trust and amazing plan for my career in Sharesource.” Gab added.


He will definitely work harder as he enjoys being with the team every day.



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